High-production DTF system

The VELOX DTF System brings the high-resolution printing that you are looking for without the "plastic" feeling that you'll find with the economy models. We are confident you will be amazed on the productivity, the feel of the print, the cost of consumables, and the ease-of-use.

  • High-Production Speed
  • Produce high performance polyester prints with ease
  • Wasatch RIP is already profiled for color accuracy
  • Transfer powder is OEKO-TEX approved
  • Simplistic Workflow

3 Print Heads

Dual CMYK and 4 channels of whiteEpson i3200, 3200 nozzles per head, 600npi

Proprietory Ink System

The VELOX Ink was designed specifically for DTF printing, providing a better finished product in both appearance and a softer hand.

Wasatch Softrip 8.0

Every VELOX comes with Wasatch Softrip 8.0 preinstalled on the operating system. Providing the largest color gamut currently available in DTF.

Conveyor Dryer

The VELOX comes with a smaller industrial oven to melt the adhesive (powder) to the film.

Take Up /Cooling Station

The VELOX system has a cooling station complete with a take up reel.

LED Controller

You have ease access to the settings on the VELOX from the LED control panel.

Supported in the USA
by SPSI Technicians

SPSI Technicians install every VELOX DTF and train the end-user on operation and maintainance. There is an extensive video library on virtually every aspect of operation and maintenance.

Velox User Video Portal

Printhead Specifications

  • 3 print heads; Dual CMYK, 4 channels of white
  • Print head; Epson i3200, 3200 nozzles per head, 600npi, 33mm print width
  • Print resolution; 720x600, 720x1200, 720x1800, 720x2400, 720x3600
  • Pass mode; 2,4,6,8

Transferring is super easy!

What can you do with DTF?

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